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Dan Stevens has been in the ice cream business for over 20 years, knowledgeable in all it's facets. He has owned his own plant, developed dozens of proven formulas for consistently successful product. He was Vice President of Sales for Sedutto's Ice Cream, developed many new, turn key ice cream shops, and converted countless others. He has visited literally hundreds of store locations-in five states- throughout his career.

Ice Cream Consultants offers this experience to you, along with the decades of industry experience offered by the other fine, well established companies working together for your benefit. We can help you try to avoid the many, many mistakes that someone new to the business can make.

Feel free to call Dan directly on his cell phone, have a conversation. No pressure, no obligation. Take the time, see if this makes sense for you and your business.
His cell number is (718) 354-6990.

We look forward to working with you.
Best regards,
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Linda and Tim Hoffman
Granny's Ice Cream

“We met Dan Stevens in the spring of 2004. He was our sales rep for Sedutto's Ice Cream. He was always very helpful answering questions about how to increase our business. His suggestions were always on point. Even when he left the company, we stayed in touch and remained good friends. Several years ago, Dan suggested that we start making our own ice cream, in store. He explained we'd save a considerable amount of money. We were hesitant, but after some research decided he was, again, on point.

Not only did we save money on product,but we were then able to create new, proprietary, flavors. Dan helped early on by providing excellent, proven formulas. We've had nothing but positive feedback.

Thanks to Dan's advice and guidance, we maintain a very successful business.”

Michael Patterson
President and owner
What's The Scoop
Metuchen, NJ

"Starting a business is a costly and time consuming. Working with Dan Stevens from the starting point proved to be one of the most valuable investments I could have made. Saving well over $20,000 in capital costs was just the beginning.

Helping us streamlining operations before opening the doors saved us countless more. But that is not all. Having Dan over the course of the years continues to bring dividends to our business."

We Specialize in:

NY Classic Foods offers an extensive, exquisite quality line of gelatos and sorbets.

  • Our flavors encompass the spectrum from basic and classic to eclectic and unique.

  • Our gelatos are rich, utilizing a high butterfat, customized base, with low over run for a denser, creamier product.

  • Our sorbets are formulated with a much higher percentage of fruit purees than the industry norm.

  • Imbued with the finest traditions of Italy, and manufactured with the latest in modern machinery, our pasta line offers dozens of choices of superior product.

    From chunks of lobster in the native lobster ravioli to savory smoked mozzarella with fresh asparagus ravioli, to an extensive selection of basic cuts such as tortellini, gnocchi and manicotti, you'll be sure to find many varieties to thrill your customers. Our frozen line is precooked to dramatically ease preparation time, and then flash frozen to preserve every bit of the amazing flavors and quality.

    With luscious baked goods, crafted from generations old recipes, our bakery line is sure to please even the most discerning pallets.

    There are literally hundreds of items to choose from. And we're sure you won't find a better, fresher product. Our best selling, 10" banquet cake line also offers an extensive array of no sugar added cakes. From black forest to marble cheesecake to red velvet, to raspberry torte, there are dozens of cakes to choose from.

    Dan Stevens is currently one of the owners of NY Classic Foods, distributing lines of upscale products to the food service industry.
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