The driving concept of ice cream consultants is simple. Based on our many decades of combined industry experience - covering literally every facet of the customer relationship - we have arrived at a basic conclusion.

The most successful, profitable, and long lasting stores are those that have selected a superior location, combined with the wisdom to have decided to manufacture their own, unique product line. Stores that don't merely open and hope, but by opening the right way, create a new, significant destination location for their area.

The savings involved in direct, in store manufacturing can represent tens of thousands of dollars per year versus purchasing product from even the least expensive distributors of commercial products. Owners that don't waste hard earned investment dollars by over paying for store build out, equipment, signs, etc., have that money in reserve to give them peace of mind once they open.

We have seen so many locations fail due to erroneously believing a selected location is perfect, while learning painfully some very large red flags were overlooked due to their inexperience.

This is where we can help.

Our combined forces at ice cream consultants cover every aspect of the store opening - or conversion - experience.

From helping in the site selection process, to complete, turn key store build out, to dealing with the various health departments, to selecting the correct equipment at the right price, to showing you the best base mixes to buy, along with the best ingredients, (again, at the right prices!), by teaching and training you in the correct way to manufacture, providing you with proven formulas, to get you started, we have it all covered. Yes, we charge a fee for our combined services. But, it's a one time fee, never any continuing fees or royalties, and the relationship never ends. We are available to you always regarding any help or advice you may need down the road. We put that in writing.

If you have a struggling, existing location, perhaps a yogurt only store, we can also help. We understand how much money you've already invested.

We can guide you through the process of expanding your product line, create new revenue streams, and help you not just survive, but thrive. The phone call, and initial conversation is free, and the call will last as long as you like.

Best regards,

Dan Stevens

Ice Cream Consultants

(718) 354-6990


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